Réunion Préliminaire / Kickoff meeting - OUMLIL HOTEL

Agenda et résumé


- Mohammed BENBOUIDA (President AMBS)
- Maureen ELLIS (President IFBA)
- David C. Maness (State Department – USA)


- Yasemin Balci (VERTIC London – UK)
- Tatyana NOVOSSIOLOVA (Bradford University – UK)

How to create a networking between IFBA-AMBS and all other national and international institutions?
Do exist projects on biosafety and biosecurity to work on for more collaboration between all parties?
How imagine the Maghrebian Federation of Biological Safety Associations and how can AMBS and IFBA help for this network?

Summary of the discussion:
The discussion was started by acknowledging that this conference is a significant achievement for which the AMBS should take credit. By sharing their experiences and discussing the short-term and long-term goals and objectives of biosafety associations, AMBS and the upcoming associations in neighboring countries can learn from one another and strengthen their ties. In planning and designing their own biosafety associations, other states in the Maghreb region can use AMBS as a role model.
Participants underscored the importance of training biosafety professionals and scientists, establishing good practice within laboratories and adopting appropriate legislation. In particular, the value of education in both biosecurity and biosafety was highlighted. This requires a legal framework, but also implementation on the ground.
Participants further acknowledged the challenges in raising awareness about biosecurity issues and emphasised the need for collaboration among various stakeholders, including professional science associations, governmental agencies, universities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The value of a preliminary review and gap analysis in terms of policies and existing mechanisms addressing biosafety and biosecurity was recognised. Participants also agreed on the utility of holding national workshops for raising awareness among the life science community.
AMBS can be play a major role by acting as the bridge between scientists and the government when working on the adoption of the relevant legislation and the setting up of training and certification standards for biosafety professionals.

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